The Bell Singers of Memphis, Tennessee

The Bell Singers were formed going on 47 years ago by the late Mrs. Dora Bell who wanted to do something to keep her children out of the streets so she kept them in church and thus formed "The Bell Singers". They are a group of dedicated Christian people striving hard to promote gospel throughout the nation. They have been in existence since 1973, there are ten members within the group: Patricia Bell-Artison, Willie Artison, Linda Bell-Ellis, Stella Bell-Alexander,  Beverly Bell,  Lavette Coleman, and Thomas Watkins. They enjoy singing for the Lord and don't mind letting the world know whose side they're on. Over the years the Lord has blessed them to release several recordings, the latest, entitled  "You Can't Hide" DVD was released August 2016, and the CD was released March 2015; "God Is Wonderful", was released May 2005. A "LIVE VIDEO Recording that was released in January 2011. They have performed on stage with many other national artists such as Lee Williams & the QCs, The Williams Brothers, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Doc Mckenzie, The Canton Spirituals, just to name a few. They have appeared on The Bobby Jones Gospel Explosion X in Nashville, TN; The American Gospel Quartet Convention in Birmingham, AL several times; The Bobby Hurd Workshop and Showcase in Decatur, GA; and many other Gospel Festivals. They have had the pleasure of performing in many different cities and states and have received numerous awards, certificates, trophies, etc., throughout their 43 years of singing God's Praises. In the year 2001 they received the "Family Musical Group of the Year" award from the Eastern Arkansas Gospel Music Awards. They were selected as "The Memphis Artist of the Month" for January 2005 by the Memphis Gospel Internet Headquarters and received a very favorable review of their CD "God Is Wonderful" from Gloryland Gospel for Independent Artist for the month of May 2005. The Bell Singers won the award for Female Quartet of the year in July 2009 at the Rhythm of Gospel Awards in Pine Bluff, AR. The Bell Singers will continue to strive forward spreading God's word in song and because They Are The Bell Singers, they know that with the help of God they will succeed in whatever they set out to do in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Willie E. Artison - CEO of Sacred Love Records, Keyboard Player for The Bell Singers

Willie is the CEO of Sacred Love Records, where there are several artists under his label, including the Bell Singers. He and Patricia Artison have been married going on 34 years (October 18th). He enjoys singing, listening to good Gospel CDs, sports, exercising, spending time with his wife and family and always willing to learn new things! He plays the keyboard for the Bell Singers. He is also a member of Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith under the leadership of Apostle Bill Adkins.

Mrs.Patricia (Bell) Artison - Promotional Manager

Patricia (Bell) Artison, born May 21st, serves as Lead Singer and is the Promotional Manager for the group. She has been a member for 44 years.  She is a member of The Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith Church, Apostle Bill Adkins is the very fine Pastor. She is married to Willie E. Artison, CEO of Sacred Love Records.  Her hobbies and interests are singing and working on computers. She also enjoys going to movies, gospel plays and concerts. On the "God Is Wonderful" CD, Pat can be heard leading songs such as "God Is Wonderful", "Thank You Lord", "So Glad", "Sit Down With Jesus", "We Need To Pray", and "He's Coming". And on the latest CD, "You Can't Hide" she can be heard leading songs such as "Love of Jesus", "Sit Down With Jesus", You Can't Hide" and "Call On Jesus".

Stella (Bell) Alexander - Secretary

Stella Alexander, born September 20th, is the Secretary for the Bell Singers. She has 5 children. Has been a member for 47 years. She is a Lead Singer and Sings 1st Soprano. She is a member of the Christian United M.B. Church in Memphis, Tennessee. Her Hobbies and Interests are Sewing, Reading and Singing.

Linda (Bell) Ellis - Treasurer

Linda Ellis, born September 5th, is Treasurer for the group. She has three sons, "Travis 40, Tre 28 and Trenton 27 and she has 3 beautiful little granddaughters (Ja'Miera & Jamaia and Zoey)! 1 handsome grandson. Zion Linda enjoys singing, going to movies, plays, gospel concerts and meeting new friends. She has been a member of the Bell Singers for 47 years. She is a member of the Union Grove M.B. Church in Memphis, Tennessee where Rev. Corey D. Johnson is Pastor. Linda Lead songs on the "God Is Wonderful" CD such as "I'll Wait Right Here" and "I'll Make It Alright". And on our latest CD entitled "You Can't Hide", she is leading such songs as "Stop By Here" and "Working for Jesus".

Beverly Trice-Bell, Booking Manager and Chaplain

Beverly Trice-Bell was born on January 24th,the proud wife of Rev. Danny C. Bell, Sr. and is the proud mother of three handsome sons; and two goddaughters. Beverly has been singing since the age of 4,and has sung with The New Life Gospel Singers and The Hughes Singers of Helena, Arkansas for many years. She is a Proud Member of St. Peter M.B. Church in Sardis, MS where Rev. Odell Draper, Jr is Pastor. She enjoys gospel concerts, composing songs, and spending time with family and friends. Beverly can be found leading such songs as "Never Let Go" and Let Jesus Walk In" on our latest CD entitled "You Can't Hide".