Pat Artison Recognized as One of the Top 10 Posters of 2006 on the Gloryland Gospel Quartet Message Board!

Quote from Gloryland Gospel: We are very pleased with the quality of the posting to the new Quartet Central Message Board. You have certainly elevated (intellectually and otherwise) the discussions and topics on the Message Board. The number of postings during 2006 exceeded our expectation. There are some people that really made good use of the Message Board and regularly posted to various topics. We at Gloryland Gospel have decided to recognize the Top 10 poster of 2006. They are Pastor Tyrone Lindsey, Loretta Coleman, Pat Artison, Pat Boga, Dr. Ella Mahmoud, Michael Buie, and members zrwmelodies, gospelntune, sgtceo, and mskeyboards. Thank you for being so supportive of Gloryland Gospel. Your souvenir Gloryland Gospel coffee cup is on the way. Gloryland Gospel Quote from Pat Artison - Her Reply: Thank you so much quartetbuff/Gloryland Gospel for the recognition! Can't wait to get my cup to put on my desk! The quartet message board is a site that I visit everyday! I'm hooked! it helps me to keep up with what's going on in the gospel field and has helped bring together a lot of people who would not have otherwise met in person or through the web! Keep up the good work, I appreciate you and what you do for us. God Bless you! visit Gloryland Gospel at